Mission Statement

The Dog Tags for Kids Project is dedicated to helping United States Service men and women in most harm's way connect with their children at home. Specially engraved Dog Tags in the appropriate service color are provided FREE to the service members for their children. Dog tags are engraved "With Love From Dad (or Mom), U.S. Army (or branch), Afghanistan (or appropiate location) 2024." We regret that we are unable to provide these tags to every deployed service member, and must restrict the locations to the greatest areas of conflict, Irag and Afghanistan. We appreciate everyone's understanding.

The dog tags must come from the parents so all dog tags are sent at the request of the service members to send to their children; from their hearts to their children’s hearts. We are a grassroots project depending entirely on volunteers and donations to continue this mission. All donations go through the Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley, a 501(c)3 charity. Our goal is to see the every parent soldier in most harm's way who wants a dog tag for his/her children receives one at no charge to the service member or their families.

Our Values

  • We never sell, share, or disclose any information received from military members requesting dog tags.
  • We never quote any military member, family member, or other interested party unless they give us direct permission.
  • We never sell or share donor information.
  • Donors have the option of making anonymous donations.
  • Donors names are never passed on to other organizations.
  • We do not publish any photos without written permission and all names are removed to protect the privacy of each individual.
  • We are absolutely committed to maintaining this project as apolitical.
  • We respect everyone’s right to free speech but we will not condone ANYONE treating the military with less then the complete respect they deserve.

Our Video

The national media finally picked up the news, and it ran on Fox stations across the country. If you missed it, you can still see the story they ran on Dog Tags for Kids.

Letters and Quotes

"We just arrived here and I am happy to serve my country for the freedoms that we all enjoy. I have seen your tags and sent four home to my children. I think that your effort will be truly loved by my soldiers and children back home alike."

The VFW endorses the program!

VFW Endorsement

The Dog Tag Totals

dog tag totals

This graph represents the tags that have been sent. Please help us reach the top!.


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